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The Molecule Chamber affiliate system is free to join, and is perfect for anyone who wants to make a nice passive income, while helping other people change their bodies and lives.

Once you’ve joined, you’ll get a special link that you can add to your own website, online store, emails, newsletter, Facebook page… whatever! Any time someone clicks on your personalized link, they’ll be taken to this website, but the computer system will remember that they came through you. Every affiliate-eligible product that buyer purchases will earn you a 75% commission. It will even work if they go back to my site directly later, without clicking through your link again.

You’ll be able to log into your affiliate account at any time and see a record of all transactions that have taken place through your links, as well as any money that you’ve accumulated.


I sell my products via ClickBank, using the nickname “molchamber“.

You’ll need to have an account with ClickBank to start getting your commissions as an affiliate.

If you already have a Clickbank account, you can begin promoting the product right now.

If you don’t yet have a Clickbank account, you can sign up for free below.


Help and documentation

ClickBank has an excellent system which you can find by clicking here. It has a lot of very useful information to help you get started.

Your affiliate link

Once you’ve registered, you’ll choose your own affiliate nickname. It’s important that you use that when referring people to my site, since that is what keeps track of how many sales you generate.

Clickbank will give you a personalised link. Instead of using the normal link to my site, you would simply tell people to go to that address. That link is called a “hoplink” in ClickBank terminology. Anyone who clicks on that hoplink will then be taken to my site, but their visit will be tagged as originating from you. Once you’ve created your hoplink, you should test it out. Make sure that it does lead to my website when you click on it.

How you get paid

Your commission payments are calculated and made to you by ClickBank. You can read more about how you get paid by clicking here.

Customer refunds

Very occasionally, a customer will say they’re not satisfied with a product, and ask for a refund. This is part of the guarantee I offer to customers. When that happens (very rare!), ClickBank will automatically deduct that commission from your accruals. You can read more about ClickBank’s refund and returns policy by clicking here.

Resources and copyright

You have my permission to re-use any of the copy and images on this site in order to make affiliate sales. Just “Right-Click and Save” any of the pictures.

If you want to get in touch regarding additional sales copy, please contact me anytime.

Affiliate Dos and Donts

Please read ClickBank’s list of dos and donts for affiliates. Among other things, you should not engage in spamming or other illegal activities to promote affiliate products.

Banners and images

Here is a selection of images for you to use: